3 Homemade Christmas Party Food Loved By Kids

The christmas party food should be made by ourselves at home, as it is a special moment to enjoy with whole family members. Bring joy with family at home, parties, and certainly the food and drinks for us. By making your own meals, so we better know what can make delicacy? More specifically, it would be very appropriate if you make homemade party food for kids. They always like the food binge. But, like what?


Christmas Party Food in 3 Special Options

Here are 3 special options of christmas party food for kids. They are simple delicacies but will enhance the party atmosphere in your home. Let’s explore them one by one.

Apple Pie Cookie Kit

You only take about 20 minutes to prepare for this. Which makes this interesting is the jar as a container for cookies. Apple cookie is the right choice because it is favored by the kids. On the special day, it should you make this in a portion of a lot, and can be placed in attractive designs. With unique packaging, place an apple on the lid, and tied up with a colorful rope.

Mini Elf Doughnuts

Little colored doughnuts. The kids must love them. The combination of butter sprinkled on the plate, pretty accessories such as carrots are placed parallel to doughnuts. You can make this in a couple of dishes, which are tailored to the needs of your family. To set this up, you take about an hour.

Rudolph Shortbread

The unique way to cut and shape the loaves in a specific character as christmas party food. Maybe, this could seize a rather long time. Meanwhile, there are some unique accessories that will enhance the dish. We can try and combine a lot of elements on a plate. The estimated time is about one hour, with a simple concept and one serving enough for the kids.

Perhaps, you can think about other options like Chinese Christmas food. Yet, there is a possibility that the kids are not familiar with the different foods from a particular taste or tradition. At least, you can try to offer it as an alternative with a simple selection menu. Moreover, with some references, you can learn to make unique foods from other countries that might be tempting the kids.

Well, that is a few options for a party at home, and perhaps the kids liked them. You can try some other recipes for Christmas party food.

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