A Guide to Choosing the Best Traditional Christmas Mexican Food

This is almost the end of the year; it means that it is the most perfect time to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Some people may need to prepare all the details for Christmas party a month or two months before the Christmas time. usually, they will spend more time and energy in going into shopping some Christmas needs such as lights, accessories, decorations, fashion outfits, and of course food. Each country has its own tradition and Christmas menus so that in Mexico. Some Christmas foods in Mexico are widely called as the traditional Christmas Mexican food.

Mexican Christmas food

Best Traditional Christmas Mexican Food

It is also generally known by people all around the world that Mexican people tend to love something very spicy and rich in taste. So, it is not really surprising that mostly of the traditional Christmas Mexican food is quite spicy but very delicious to be tried to. Christmas food in Mexico will be quite different from traditional Russian Christmas food which tends to be really sweet.

  1. Ensalada de Noche Buena. This is known as the Mexican Christmas salads which contain lettuce, carrot, apple, orange, pineapple, pomegranate, jicama, and pecans or peanuts. This Mexican salad is being served during the Christmas Eve dinner.
  2. Pavo. For Christmas Eve dinner, Mexican people often eat pavo where the roasted turkey is served with mole, a very rich sauce made of ground chilies.
  3. Tamales. This is known as cornmeal dumplings which are served with a wide variety of different fillings. All the ingredients will be wrapped in corn husks or sometimes using banana leaves. Then it steamed very well.
  4. Pozole. It is a kind of hominy soup which is made with chicken or pork and seasoned with chili and garlic. Since it is often made in large batches, this menu is really great for party and it becomes the most popular traditional Christmas Mexican food.

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