A Guide to Easy, Traditional Russian Christmas Food Choices for This Year’s Christmas

When it comes to talking about one of the most festive days of the year, there would be a lot of celebrations all around the world. Actually, December has popularly known as one of the best years of the year since Christmas comes almost at the end of this month. Of course, Christmas is not only about the party, the gifts, and all of the celebrations; but it is also more about the togetherness with the whole family. And gathering with family and friends may not be completed without some delicious foods. For more information, each country around this world has its own Christmas tradition including the food. One of the most popular culinary traditions is about the traditional Russian Christmas food. The food is so delicious that you will want to eat it all the time, even when playing video games with multiplayer battles.

What is the Essence of Having Traditional Russian Christmas Food?

Usually, we have known that a twelve-dish Russian supper is traditionally being served during Christmas Eve. The supper will begin with praying conducted by the father of the family, and then followed by the blessed on each member of the whole family with honey by the mother of the family. This tradition has been done through generation to generation until today. And most Russian people consider the meals on this tradition as the best Christmas food.

Knowing More about Some Special Christmas Dish Suppers in Russia

Moreover, each of those traditional food suppers will be served one by one. It started with pagach which is known as Lenten bread and pagach is regarded to be the first food enjoyed after the fast of Christmas. The bread is plunged in honey which represents the sweetness of life and garlic which symbolizes the bitterness of life. Then, there is kutya porridge which contains honey, whole grains, as well as poppy seeds. Poppy seeds and honey represent peace and happiness while the whole grains represent hope.

traditional russian christmas food

Then, it is bobal’ki tiny biscuits which are served with the main course. Fresh nuts and fruit are also considered to be another traditional Russian Christmas food with apricots, oranges, fresh figs, and dates. After that, there are kidney beans which will be served as a blend of shredded potatoes, pepper, salt, and garlic. And another food which is served with the main course is the potatoes.

Traditionally, Russian people would love to have these potatoes with seasoned by butter and fresh parsley.  Sometimes, Russian people also tend to have kozulya which is known as a deer, sheep, or goat-shaped cookie. It is eaten on the first day of Christmas and practically becomes one of the most delicious traditional Russian Christmas food serves.

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