Inspirational Menus of Traditional Russian Christmas Food

It is now December and it means that the long holiday will soon be reached. For most people in the world, December also means time to celebrate the two most important holidays ever: Christmas and New Year. And when we are talking about Christmas, there will be several things and details to consider more including preparing the Christmas tree, Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, and about the Christmas party. But of course, there is no party will be completed without food and beverage. That is why; every country in this world will tend to have its own traditional Christmas food such as in Russia, we have the traditional Russian Christmas food.

Russian christmas food

Inspirational Traditional Russian Christmas Food

Among so many countries all around the world which tend to celebrate Christmas, Russia has become one of the most popular countries which are famously through their traditional Russian Christmas food. Just like any other Christmas menus in other countries, Russia has known the Christmas menus from the appetizer, main course, and the sweet desserts. For more, Mexico is also widely known as another popular country which is known due to its delicious traditional Christmas Mexican food. But these are several most popular Russian Christmas menus.

  1. Kutya or Sochivo. It is generally known as the first course during Christmas Eve. Kutya is pudding which made of wheatberries or other grains or legumes such as rice, beans, or barley. It is mostly sweetened with honey and augmented with poppy seeds, nuts, and sometimes dried fruits.
  2. Pagach. This bread is traditionally always served on the Russian holy supper table. This pagach is often stuffed with cabbage fillings and potatoes along with grated garlic and honey. In the ancient times, this is the original menu on traditional Russian Christmas food.
  3. Vzvar. It is known as the orthodox Russian desserts. This typical sweet temptation is made of dried fruits such as pears, sour cherries, apples, prunes, currants, raspberries, raisins, gooseberries. Then it mixed with honey and boiled in water.

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