Keep the Tree Fresh With Christmas Tree Food

Christmas tree food

There are some Christmas tree food recipes which you can make to give your Christmas tree more fresh and alive. Christmas tree which usually is made with the pine has to be prepared and protected so that it will not look withered even though it is placed inside the house.

christmas tree food

Although there are many fake Christmas tree which are made from plastic, but there are some people who are still like the real tree as their Christmas tree. Since the tree is alive, you have to prepare the best place where you can put the tree. There are also some mixtures which can be used as the food for this tree.

  • The first mixture which you can use as the tree food is the mixture made from real lemonade, orange, or the limeade juice with water.
  • With the 1/4 limeade juice and 3/4 water, this mixture can make the tree keep strong altho
  • ugh the Christmas end.
  • You just need to put the mixture in the lower part of the tree so that the tree can absorb it.0> The second recipe which you can try is the mixture of 1 gallon water, 4 teaspoons of lemon juice or vinegar, and 2 cups light corn syrup.
  • All of those ingredients are combined and mixed correctly. After all of the ingredients mixed, pour it in the lower part of the tree to make it able to absorb it.

There is still another recipe which you can try to feed your tree so that it will look stronger and lasting longer. The mixture of the citrus soft drink with the water can be a good food for your Christmas tree. It is very helpful. For the first time, you may need the water to be quite hot so that it can help the tree to absorb it. For the times after that, you just need to keep the christmas tree food mixture available and pour it if the last one is absorbed completely.

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