Prepare Spanish Christmas Food for Dinner

Spanish Christmas Food

Christmas Eve is always become one of the most important part for Christmas in Spain. During Christmas Eve, people are preparing Spanish Christmas food that comes in widest selection. There are some big meals that you can’t found on your daily meal. Commonly, they celebrate it in the late evening with their all family member.

They can celebrate it in the cafes, bars, or home. The menus of Spanish food are come in various courses from simple tapas, first course, main course, and end with some desserts. It is not difficult to prepare the meals for Spanish traditional food. You can pick the most delicious food and add Spanish flavor on your Christmas table.

Spanish Christmas food

The first menu for Spanish dinner is Tapas of appetizer. It is become the easiest recipe for Spanish menu. It is use ham, cheese which is combined on bread. This is become the greatest way for you if you want to start your dinner.

To make it complete, you can also choose red wine to enjoy your dinner time. There are a lot of good qualities of Spanish wines that can be found. First course for your dinner will be completed with large prawns combined with the pink sauce.

The recipe is very easy to try. You just need to boil the prawns and served it with pink sauce which is made from Tabasco, catsup, and mayonnaise. The best choice of main course for Christmas dinner is Cordero Asado or known as roast lamb. It will be a great choice that will be tastier for your dinner party. You can mix it with fried potatoes and mixed green salad.

After you complete your meals for Christmas dinner, you should not forget about the dessert. You can serve Spanish almond candy, almond cookies, or Spanish crumble cakes. It is a very great choice for you to prepare your home made Spanish Christmas food.

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