Several Types of Traditional Mexican Christmas Food

Mexican Christmas Food

There are various kinds of Mexican Christmas food which comes in traditional Mexican manner. Christmas is a very great moment that may need to celebrate. There are many events that involve wonderful types of Mexican cuisine.

To celebrate your Christmas, you need to be clever in choosing the most appropriate food that will be suitable with your favorite. Traditional Christmas food in Mexico is rarely served in daily menu. It just served during Christmas celebrations.

Mexican Christmas food

  • The first menu of Christmas food for Mexican people is Ponche. It is made from fruits such as cloves, tecojotes, apples, prunes, pears, sugarcane, guyaba, pineapples, and pulp of oranges. The fruits are boiled together for hours until you see the wine-red emerges with the food. It is served as a hot drink that will keep you warm.
  • Rosca de Reyes is become the most important bread which is served in Christmas day. It is a pan of bread which has a lot of fruits, quince, figs, and cherries. It is really big and suitable for your family’s Christmas cake.
  • One of the most popular original Mexico cookies is Biscochitos. This is a traditional cookie which is served in some special events. The taste is really good and melts on your mouth.
  • Bunuelos is a good dessert that can be served in Christmas events. There are many Mexican restaurants that sell many versions of this dessert in Christmas day.

If you want to enjoy several kinds of traditional Mexican food, you can make it by yourself. There are some recipes that can be found in the website. Besides that, you can also try to visit Mexican restaurant that always sell traditional Mexican food for you. It is a good choice for you to choose Mexican Christmas food in a Christmas day. You can make your Christmas more impressive with your entire family member.

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