The Easiest German Christmas Food for Your Europe-Themed Christmas Party

It is a little difficult if we would consider German Christmas food. Yes. Only to hear it, we imagine the variety of foods that perhaps never know. Meanwhile, you wish to make Europe-Themed Christmas Party. At least, you want to try the easiest of German food. Well, all will be easy if you know how to make it. But, how can you make it while you do not know what the most appropriate choice? Some of the options below may help you.

Dresdner Stollen

Easy German Christmas Food

For German Christmas food, there are some good options as you should try to make them at home. For examples are Dresdner Stollen, Glühwein – Hot mulled wine, Lebkuchen, Marzipan, and Plätzchen. And yes, you do not have to panic because you never know how to spell them exactly.

Dresdner Stollen

If you feel confused, this is cake. Yes, a fruit cake. But, the most amazing thing is how this could resemble chunks of tender meat, very tempting. The recipe consists of powdered sugar, yeast dough, lemon zest, raisins, and butter. Also, you can combine it with nuts, dairy products, poppy seeds, or marzipan.


It is a drink that will refresh the atmosphere of your party. Since 5th century, this is the popular drink in Europe. In Christmas vacation, this is the most appropriate choice of drink because you can keep warm during the winter.


One unique option of german christmas food. Literally, this is the gingerbread. But, the interesting thing is how we could design this as a unique concept with funny shapes. For example, a small house with a courtyard and a Christmas tree on the side. Believe that this will be a popular choice for children. The recipe consists of various spices, candied citrus fruit, honey, marzipan, nuts, eggs, sugar, flour, and honey.

They are more German food as you want to put on the list. This could be similar situation when you want to choose traditional christmas mexican food. So, you might consider some of the best recipes for dishes that will create a European atmosphere of the middle ages to the present. For more options, you may interest on Marzipan or Plätzchen. Those are two great options to make a perfect Christmas Party with your family members.

Well, there are many dishes from Europe, which can enhance your holiday. German food is one of the main recommendations. And you will learn more about German Christmas food.

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